I Am Optimistic

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November 10, 2016
I Am Attracting
November 10, 2016

I Am Optimistic

O ptimism is believing that things are always working out for me. Just like every cloud has a silver lining, every problem has a solution. When faced with a challenge I expect the best possible outcome. I know the universe always has my back.
Photo: Carol Gutzeit

Declare “I Am Optimistic” and notice how positive expectations affect your day.

Practicing gratitude is like planting seeds in your own garden of optimism. As you nourish these seeds daily they will grow into more good things to appreciate and your optimism will flourish.

Optimism is contagious. Spend more time with optimistic people and you will feel uplifted and inspired to pass it on.

Pessimism is a thief that will rob you of your happiness and destroy your peace of mind. Expecting the worst is the most effective way to bring it to you, and then you get to be right . . . and miserable.

Your body responds to what you tell it. If you’re experiencing a health issue it is best to promise your body that you will give it everything it needs to heal; then follow through.

Optimism is the antidote to worry. Once you’ve examined the facts you can decide what course of action you need to take to manifest what you want, rather than what you don’t want.

Which of these categories do you fall into the most? Pessimists expect the worst. Realists see what actually is rather than what is possible. Optimists expect the best. Idealists imagine their perfect version of reality. Spend more time being an optimist and see what happens.

Food is medicine. When you eat a variety of colorful, healthy foods your body will receive the nutrients it needs for you to feel energized and optimistic.

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