I Am Making A Difference

I Am Courageous
December 7, 2016
December 12, 2016

I Am Making a Difference

A difficult path means I’m being called to make a difference. I turn struggle into strength, disappointment into determination, pain into change, and obstacles into stepping stones. I respond to life’s challenges with love, and fear loses its grip on my world.
“Hands of Love” by Josephine Wall

Declare “I Am Making a Difference” when you wake up each morning.

Being kind always makes a difference. Do random acts of kindness and you will be planting seeds of love along your life path.

Creative expression is taking an original idea from thought into form. The form it takes depends on your imagination and your desire to create. Tap into your creativity by quieting the mental chatter in your mind to allow inspiration to come through.

Everyone has a super hero inside of them waiting to be unleashed. Give your inner hero permission to be bold and make a positive difference in the world.

Decide who you need to be to uplift and inspire others, then step into your power by taking consistent action.

Set an intention that reinforces your direction towards positive change. A clearly defined path makes it easier for others to join you on your journey.

Find a cause that you believe in and ask yourself why you want to support it. Be a force for good as you get behind the cause and you will make a positive impact.

You vote with your dollars. Every time you buy food that a corporation produced without any concern for your health, you are voting for corporate greed. Decide to put your vote towards ethical companies that grow and raise food for the highest good of all concerned.

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