T he dark forces had been ruling over the human race for centuries. Their biggest weapon was fear, and they used it whenever and wherever they could to put people to sleep; a kind of mind control that makes them forget who they really are. Once they become disconnected from their souls, the dark ones prey on their weaknesses and limitations to persuade them to fight amongst themselves. They use a divide and conquer strategy to perpetuate this fear-driven way of life. The only way the dark ones could ever lose power would be if enough people woke up, and the Kingdom of Satori was at the forefront of this shift in consciousness.
In this tale of two worlds, Princess Gaia embodies the Divine feminine and she must take her rightful place alongside the Divine masculine for balance and harmony to be restored to the Earth . . . before it’s too late. If not, the dark ones will continue to rule for another century and the people of Earth will stay in their fear-induced trance; bickering, fighting, and killing each other while the secret Council continues to incite senseless wars, chaos and confusion to stay in power.
The people of Earth are being given another chance to wake up and remember who they really are. The question is; will they?
“Princess Gaia and the Kingdom of Satori is an inspiring, uplifting, eye-opening book that is exactly what young adults and teenagers like me need. Carol Gutzeit creates an engaging story and, within it, teaches readers to have more peace, joy, prosperity and love. Along with a guide to help you become more connected to the four elements and yourself, you can’t help but feel lighter after reading this tale.”
Isabella Cousineau

Writer’s bio

C arol Gutzeit is an author, speaker and coach who founded Destination Satori LLC, a lifestyle coaching and certification company located in Evergreen, Colorado. She is the originator of Satori Lifestyle Coaching™ and Satori Yoga™ and offers certifications in both professions. Her unique program has been transforming people's lives since 1989 when she started Satori Hawaii Inc., a corporate wellness company. As a corporate trainer and motivational speaker, Carol has addressed large audiences for such companies as Pitney Bowes, Home Depot, Ampol, Data General, Verifone, McDonald’s and United Parcel Service. She has also presented seminars and training programs to groups at public and private schools, universities, government agencies, resorts, destination spas, fitness centers and athletic clubs. Her stress reduction program, Energetics, has been featured on Hawaiian Airlines as part of the in-flight entertainment.
As a former personal trainer and lifestyle coach Carol has worked with a wide range of individuals from the physically challenged to dedicated athletes who have experienced life-changing results.
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